Hire Daniel Kern right now. His legal expertise, and awareness of the emotional situation for both sides made the difficult process easy for all involved. He is highly skilled, aware, and efficient. The case ended in our favor exactly as he predicted. He convinced a very recalcitrant apposing party to agree to all of our visitation, custody, and move away requests. He cleaned up the messy court paperwork from a previous attorney. He accurately predicted the amount of court time and fees ( lower than two other attorneys!) and finished within $50. Exactly as he said, " l will be careful and not waste your time, nor your money." Because of Dan, after years of battling, we are now free to move on with our lives. As I said, hire Dan right now, save yourself time and grief.

Rober H. Santa Cruz, CA

I  highly recommend Dan Kern to anyone seeking counsel in family law. I was representing myself in a very complex restraining order/ family law case. I was appearing on my own behalf representing myself on my court date when I witnessed Dan representing one of his clients. Dan was a bulldog in the courtroom. He fought for his client's best interest and would not take no for an answer. It was in that moment that I knew I would seek Dan out during court recess to request a consultation. I met with Dan and I was extremely pleased with not only his compassion and patience but with his extreme knowledge of the law. I immediately retained Dan. I am completely satisfied with the result of my case. Even after my case has been resolved Dan has continued to guide me when necessary. He is compassionate and kind and truly cares about his clients. If you are seeking an attorney that will fight for you Dan is your Man!

Brit S.Placentia, CA

Attorney Kern was referred to us from a mutual friend, and we couldn't be happier with our experience.  Our case was a request to move with our son and daughter out of state, which is one of the most difficult type of custody hearings.  Dan walked us through every step of the process, and kept us on track.  My ex-wife was doing everything in her power to drag out the process for no real reason.  She refused to accept that moving out of California with my new household was what was best for our children, and she has always been in serious denial about her neglect of the kids.  She and her family made up whatever stories they could think of, but Attorney Kern was prepared in the Courtroom.  While I was getting upset about being lied about in Court, Dan calmed the situation, and used direct questions and objections to show that there was no truth at all to my ex-wife's allegations.  A lot of people complain about the lawyers they hire.  I'd recommend talking to Dan Kern before you give your money to anyone else.

Larry W.Upland, CA

Dan is an amazing attorney.  He is representing my daughter in a very difficult child custody case.  Dan has gone above and beyond and works very hard for his clients. Dan is always fair and very kind.  Dan is amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Kristine M.Cypress, CA

I highly recommend Dan Kern for family law; I have used his services on more than one occasion and he is always available to speak to; Dan is fair and will tell you like it is; he's had to calm me down on more than one occasion and he's always had my minor daughter's best interest. I used his services most recently for a child visitation modification and his recommendation and the judgment issued has worked out perfectly for the best interest of my daughter.

Heidi W.Newport Coast, CA

I highly recommend Dan. He is a very knowledgeable attorney who knows the Orange County Court system. He cared about my case just as much as I did. He provided guidance and kept in contact with me throughout the whole case. Thank you Dan!

Tommy E.Irvine, CA 

Daniel is a very knowledgeable attorney. He made me feel like he cared about my situation. He was always available to take my calls and answer my questions. I never felt as though I was bothering him. He fought hard for me. He is very reasonably priced.

Fernando F.Anaheim, CA 

My teen son was involved with a girl, which my husband and I knew was no good for him. After 2 years of having an on and off relationship, my son got tired and decided to block her from any and all ways of contact. She in anger decided to put a restraining order on my son!  She accused him of domestic violence and said she feared for her safety. She was out to hurt my son. My son is just starting his life;  just started college with a great future ahead of him.   I WAS NOT GOING TO LET HER RUIN HIM!  We decided to hire Mr. Kern, although we knew my son was innocent and she had nothing to back up her allegations.  We felt we needed to be prepared should she decide to come up with any other nonsense. On the day of the hearing  Mr. Kern not only embarrassed her by proving she was lying, but let her know that he could prove she was the one harrasing and stalking him. To everyone's surprise SHE ends up WALKING OUT in mid court session!!  That's when we knew we hired the right lawyer!  Need a lawyer?  Highly highly recommend Dan Kern!!

Susy R.Anaheim, CA

Mr. Kern was very professional and extremely helpful in a situation that I could just not figure out alone. He quickly resolved all of the issues and negotiated a settlement that I was very comfortable with. I have already recommended him to a colleague and will always keep him number in my contacts, ready for the next time another issue arises. Great lawyer!

F T.Laguna Beach, CA

I was involved with a young woman who I kept letting back in my life.  She finally got so bad that I ended up banning her from my home and worksite. She tried to get revenge by making a police report and filing a restraining order against me.  I hired Attorney Kern.  He made clear that I had brought a lot of this upon myself, and then set to work cleaning up my mess.  No criminal charge was filed, and Dan showed the judge that my ex was lying and embarrassed my ex in front of a room full of people.  If you are looking for an honest attorney and a great value, then Dan is the lawyer for you.

Connor S.Fullerton, CA